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Regulatory Compliance Services is proud to offer several distinctive resources to its clients.  These resources strive to provide your business and operations team members with important and relevant information regarding their regulatory responsibilities.

 Texas Retail Electric Insider - Our Blog of the latest news and information

Year End Reports (Electric - Texas)

The Texas Retail Electric Scorecard

Need to know what kinds of customer complaints are being reported to the Public Utility Commission as the retail market moves to full competition?  Want to know how the switching process is affecting your customers?  Does your team need to know about these and other customer-affecting retail issues?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions the Texas Retail Electric Scorecard is for you.  Published on a monthly basis, and written in non-technical language (minimal acronyms, no need for a secret decoder ring), this newsletter will help provide your team with useful information concerning the retail electric market in Texas. 

The Complaint Scorecard

Want to know how you compare to other "peer" companies?  Need more detailed information on the complaints being received by the PUCT against your company?  You need the Complaint Scorecard!

The "Rule Book"

I put these rule books together for my use (as they are easy to keep handy) and share them with my clients because they seem to want what I use. To that end, I make them available for $12.50 each. This fee covers the cost of printing and mailing. In other words, I don't make money off these things, I do them for your convenience. The rule books contain the most relevant state rules that govern the day-to-day retail energy business. Note that I did NOT say that these books contain all the regulatory rules in each jurisdiction. They contain the rules most often implicated in your day-to-day retail interactions with the average customer. The rule books are 5.5" x 8.5" making them easy to carry. They are spiral-bound so they are durable. It does not, however, allow for replacement of pages when rules change.


An E-Book Versions (PDF ONLY) are also now available for download.  No promises how well it will work with your device, but it works nicely on my android tablet.  Current jurisdictions available are:

                 Texas - Reflects changes made in Project 47343, effective 5/13/2018 and includes 25.5, 25.8, 25.43, new 25.45, 25.54, 25.107, 25.126, and all of Subchapter R (25.471-25.498)

       New York - includes the UBP and HEFPA regulations


If you'd like to order print copies, email me the number of books you'd like of which jurisdiction, along with your name and a delivery address.

Other Resources

Helpful compliance information from other sources, like the Federal Trade Commission.






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