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Earth Etch, MarketWISE and Regulatory Compliance Services Announce a Strategic Alliance Offering Integrated Service Solutions to Energy Companies

Chicago, Illinois – September 11, 2019 – Earth Etch, MarketWISE, and Regulatory Compliance Services (RCS) today announced a strategic alliance to promote business expansion services to each other’s clients.

Earth Etch helps unravel the complexities of regulatory and utility compliance for energy companies throughout the world.  MarketWISE helps Retail Energy Suppliers, Brokers, and Service Providers to accelerate entry into new markets and maintain ongoing compliance via Market Monitor services.  Regulatory Compliance Services (RCS) is a Texas-based consulting practice focused on helping their retail electric clients maintain compliance with Texas PUC customer protection regulations and certification obligations.

Together, they intend to jointly develop integrated advisory, compliance, training and implementation services to help energy companies seamlessly expand their market footprint.  The companies are planning a webinar and presentation to introduce their joint services capabilities and explain how the alliance can benefit clients globally. 

“With this new alliance, we want to announce some innovative new solutions that include the launch of a joint training platform, state-specific PUC audit checklists, an operational portal and so much more.  Wherever companies do business, our strategic alliance provides the expertise and tools firms need to mitigate risk so they can funnel all of their energy into growth,” said Madelon Kuchera, President & Founder of Earth Etch.


“Among us, we have a number of clients that have expressed interest in a more integrated consulting service experience as U.S. companies expand their business across the country or as EU firms look to expand here,” said Madelon Kuchera.  “This alliance enables us to provide our hands-on consulting approach by utilizing our joint expertise seamlessly across a broader footprint, including Texas, which due to its fundamentally different market design presents unique challenges and opportunities,” added Ms. Kuchera.


“Our companies share a similar business philosophy and our complimentary energy expertise allows us to leverage each other’s services as we help energy providers enter new markets.  Our combined energy expertise will also provide a better and more cohesive experience for companies in their expansion aspirations,” said Tom Dougherty, founder and owner of MarketWISE.


“This alliance brings together in one place the resources to cover all regulatory and operational requirements for Suppliers, Service Providers, Brokers and Utility personnel that support their side of the competitive market processes.  Whether you are just entering your first market, expanding to new markets, adding gas markets to your existing electric business or just trying to monitor and stay compliant with all the change in your existing operations, we have you covered,” added Mr. Dougherty.


RCS founder Patricia Dolese said, “Together we provide world-class research organizations with strategy, compliance, training and implementation services that help bridge relationship and market access gaps for the benefit of clients around the world.”


If growing alone is intimidating, reach out to the experts to help ease your growing pains.  Partner with the alliance of Earth Etch, MarketWISE and Regulatory Compliance Services to help you get it right the first time and keep your business on track.

 For More Information

Regulatory Compliance Services (RCS)

Contact:            Patricia Dolese

Phone:              512-275-6442

Email:               pdolese@your-rcs.com

Web:                 www.your-rcs.com 

Earth Etch

Contact:            Madelon Kuchera

Phone:              312-920-1849

Email:               mkuchera@earthetch.com

Web:                 www.earthetch.com


Contact:            Thomas R Dougherty

Phone:              724-949-0197

Email:               tdougherty@mrktwise.com

Web:                 www.mrktwise.com



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