Switch-hold Compliance Reviews Continue

As many of you are aware, the PUCT Enforcement Section initiated compliance reviews last year of all REPs to assess compliance with several items:  switch-hold regulations (particularly related to releasing switch-holds), enrollment websites, and print advertisements.  I was advised by PUCT staff that it was their intention to ultimately review all REPs on these issues.  Last year, I was aware that at least 20 REPs had been sent RFIs initiating this investigation.  To date, I have not heard staff finalize their results with this initial group of REPs.  Of course, without some type of public filing, such resolution may be hard to determine.

That being said, I am aware that staff has begun a new round of investigations, sending out the RFI several weeks ago to a new round of REPs.  The RFI looks substantively similar to that issued last year.

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