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Commissioners Direct Staff to Review Power to Choose Website

At today’s open meeting, Chm. Nelson raised some concerns related to the Power to Choose website and offers.

She has directed staff to:

  1. Review the offers and determine what could be done to stop the gaming, improve transparency, including whether there should still be a PTC website
  2. Have staff review the low price offers and see if they are posted correctly
  3. Have enforcement staff look at the low price offer companies

She also mentioned the possibility of getting focus groups in to look at the website.

The executive director largely voiced your issue of there being private websites that don’t have these issues.

Chm. Nelson directed staff to come back at the second open meeting in March ready to discuss some alternatives.


PUCT Grants Good Cause Exception to Accent Energy

At it’s open meeting today, the PUCT granted Accent Energy’s request for a good cause exception (docket 44518) to 25.474(f)(2) and (3).  The PUCT granted the good cause exception for a period of 12 months.  The PUCT also directed staff to open a rulemaking to address these issues for the broader market such that the rules are in place within 12 months.

While not prohibiting other REPs from filing their own good cause exceptions (at least on this issue) clearly they would like REPs to wait and participate in the rulemaking process.

That being said, clearly one path for REPs voicing the need for rulemakings very well could be seeking a good cause exception (and fighting for it) should they believe they have a valid reason.

PUCT Issues LITE-UP Audit Reports on Ambit and Amigo

Some interesting reads on the results of the PUCT’s audit of Ambit and Amigo.  Would cause one to wonder whether the recent settlement agreement between Spark and the PUCT also started out as an audit.