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Online Regulatory Training is Available

It’s not hard to get trained on the basic Customer Protection regulations that govern the electricity industry in Texas.  Regulatory Compliance Services has prepared training for delivery over the internet.  Hosted by Litmos, registered students can sign-up for and receive training online.  Each course comes complete with a scored quiz and a certificate of completion (provided only when a quiz score exceeds 70%). Online training is a great alternative to having Ms. Dolese come on-site to train your staff and allows companies to provide regular training on these topics to new employees and vendors.  Student registration for any particular class allows the student to view that class for up to 30 days from the date of initial enrollment.  Companies may choose to provide the on-line training is a hosted environment, facilitated by the presence of their own in-house regulatory staff.  Visit our website for more information:

Looks like a worthwhile conference

If I weren’t already booked, I would seriously contemplate attending this new conference in late February.  There are not many opportunities to hear this kind of information.

Some signs of sanity

It’s not too often that regulators appear to pass up opportunities to fine providers.  Thus, I’m delighted to see that Direct Energy received a favorable ruling from a Pennsylvania ALJ in a complaint case.  You can read the story on Energy Choice Matters here:  I’m left to wonder though, is this not a violation because the amount was “de minimus” or because the money was refunded.  One would hope that billing errors successfully corrected by REPs would not be considered violations simply because they occurred or that they involved a specific dollar amount.