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Correct your DNP Notices…

It has been brought to my attention that the required DNP notice language with respect to filing a complaint with the PUCT now has an error in it because the weblink to PUCT complaint filing is no longer accurate.  It points to:  It appears it changed after your web revamp.  The new link is:
Update their DNP notices accordingly.

Summer Protection DPP’s Must Now be Offered

Just a reminder now that we are into July, that REPs must make available DPPs to customers expressing an inability to pay who meet the eligibility requirements.  See 25.480(j)(2)(a)(iii) for more information.

Smitherman Appointed to Railroad Commission

News in from the Governor’s Office:

Smitherman announces his resignation

Chm. Smitherman announced his resignation at the conclusion of today’s open meeting.  It is expected that he will be appointed to the vacancy on the Railroad Commission.