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Staff versions of 36131/37622 are out…

These will be discussed by the Commissioners at this Friday’s Open Meeting.  Among the recent changes is the delay of the effective date for changes to 25.480 (meaning the expanded DPP provivisions as wel as switch-holds would not take place until June 1, 2010 (if approved by the Commissioners).

DPI’s Troubles Get Worse

DPI’s trouble just got a lot worse…

Staff is now seeking to revoke (instead of deal with their two pending REP amendments — one of which is a change of ownership) in addition to the NOV related to the compliance audits…

See staff’s filing at:

DPi and Tara File Statements of Intent to Offer Prepay under 25.498

Both REPs have recently filed their statements in docket 34751. Since REPower has exited the market, they join 5 other REPs in signaling their intent to provide this type of prepay service.

36131/37622 Policy Cuts Made

The Commissioners made some policy cuts today in dockets 36131/37622 related to the switch-holds, disconnects, critical care rules.
The short version, the Commissioners agreed with the items as outlined in Chm. Smitherman’s memorandum, filed this morning.  Parties will have a chance to work on language at the stakeholder workshop currently scheduled for July 19th.
I suspect most of you can live with his modifications related to the critical care protections though the exact language needs some minor tweeking.  The language as relates to pricing offers for customers who are on DPPs and subject to switch-holds when their term contracts expire, however may need some additional thought.