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PUCT Compliance Audit Findings

Some actual  Compliance Audit Findings…for your consideration.  No these are not public yet.  As negotiations conclude findings will be reduced into an agreed NOV.
Requirement:  25.479(c)(1)(A):  Each customer’s bill shall include the following information:  The certified name and address of the REP and the number of the license issued to the REP by the Commission.
Finding:  The company does not publish the certified address on the customer’s bills.
Observation:  Well, that’s one way to read this.  This seems to trigger a penalty anywhere between $2000 and $4000.
Requirement:  25.107(j)(1):  The Commission staff or any affected person may bring a complaint seeking to amend, suspend or revoke a REP’s certificate.  Significant violations include the following:  (1) providing false or misleading information to the commission.
Finding:  Company was not in compliance with more customer protection rules than those listed in the Company’s affidavit.
Observation:  This seems to trigger a penalty of $5000.
Requirement:  25.475(g)(2)(F)(iii):  For all other variable price products, a notice in bold type no smaller than 12 point font:  For residential customers, the following additional statement is required: “Please review the historical price of this product available at {insert specific website address and toll-free telephone number}.”
Finding:  Only existing customers can access historic rates.
Observation:  customer is a defined term in 25.471, so is appicant.  the rule says what it says.  This seems to trigger a penalty anywhere between $2000 and $4000.
Other observations:  Companies were fined irrespective of whether they disclosed the violation in the affidavit, or not.  So, no incentive to include violations in the affidavit as you still get penalized.