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New Public Counsel Named

Sheri Sanders Givens was named the new Public Counsel today by Gov. Perry.
And yes, she too, worked at the PUCT from Nov. 2003 to January 2006.

Wow, those are some game changing changes…

Just skimmed the new advance payment rule…
Lots of really advantageous changes for the REP being proposed with this model.

Draft Rule for Advance Payment Service is Out…

You can find the staff strawman at:
Interesting reading.  Prepay means service under 25.498.  This rule will address service requiring advance payment that is not “prepay.”

Final Billing and Disclosure Rule Language is Out…

You can find it at:  Disclosure rule
and at:  Billing rule:

Docket 35533: Prepay Rule Strawman

Rulemaking Project 37624