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Workshop scheduled for Project 36131

Staff announced a workshop yesterday in project 36131. The workshop is scheduled for August 28th at 10 am at the Commission’s offices.

Project 37221 – Petition for Rulemaking to Amend Cost Recovery Rules for TSP’s in ERCOT

This petition was filed Jointly by AEP, Sharlyand, ETT, TNMP & LCRA.   See the filing here
They are proposing the following changes to the cost recovery rules:

1. Allowed interim transmission cost of service (TCOS) filings are increased from once annually to no more than twice per calendar year; and

2.  Interim TCOS cases will be eligible for administrative approval and, if uncontested, shall be approved by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)  without the need for an order from the Commissioners. The new rates would take effect on the ALJ’s approval.

If adopted, this rule has the intended effect of changing the TCOS of all the TDUs twice a year (especially once they start working on those CREZ transmission lines), which I would think would have the potential to cause significant problems for REPs in billing and contracting.

PUCT Staff Issues 8th Report on Disconnections

You can find the whole report at:

New Project Number for Common Billing Terms Rulemaking

Having received clarification from Rep. Solomon’s, the PUCT staff have opened up project 37214 as the Electric rulemaking project to deal with common billing terms and contract expiration notice issues stemming from HB 1822.