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FW: Letter from Rep. S. Turner

From: House Information
Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 4:14 PM
To: House; O0665
Subject: letter from Rep. S. Turner


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June 23, 2009



Dear Members,


I have just filed a Petition for the Adoption of an Emergency Rule with the Public Utilities Commission concerning summer disconnection of residential electricity services.  If adopted it will help to establish an industry wide rule allowing customers to enter into deferred payment plans for the above average electricity bills most consumers receive in the summer months and prevent disconnection of service.  It is the goal of this petition to protect some of the most vulnerable citizens in the state who are customers in the competitive retail market. 


Residential electric rates in Texas are among the highest in the nation and our state is currently experiencing record high temperatures.  The effect of weather and high electric rates is a dangerous combination particularly for vulnerable populations including the elderly, low income families and the medically fragile. 


I will be filling an addendum to the petition with the names and signatures of all members who wish to join the petition and call upon the PUC to implement this emergency rule for the summer and stop disconnections from occurring if customers meet the proscribed plan.   I would greatly appreciate your signatures and support.  If you would like your name added to the petition please send a statement saying this along with an electronic copy of your signature to Cory Henrickson . You can also address a personal letter to the Commission to be attached as well if you so desire. 





Sylvester Turner

State Representative, District 139



ATTCH: Docket No. 37142 – Petition for Adoption of Emergency Disconnection Rule

Expedited Switch Rule Adopted

By a 3-0 vote, incorporating Chm. Smitherman’s memo.