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Staff Opens Rulemaking to Expedite Switches…

In response to the Open Meeting discussion related to the new disclosure rule, staff opened a rulemaking project on Dec. 29, to address a process for implementing expedited switches (project 36536).
Both Chm. Smitherman and Com. Nelson have expressed a desire to change the normal switch timeline that is currently tied to on-cycle meter reads, so that the new norm would be dictated by off-cycle meter reads.  Implications that will also likely be considered in the is rulemaking related to this policy change are fees for off-cycle meter reads and who will pay them and the timing and distribution of the ERCOT enrollment notice

Draft Electric Scope of Competitive Report

The draft Scope of Competition in Electric Markets has been released and can be dowloaded here:

Disclosure Rule Draft Released by Staff

Staff has released the draft of the disclosure rule that is up for adoption during this week’s Open Meeting.

Interest Rates

The PUCT approved new interest rates on December 1, 2008 that should be used in Calendar Year 2009.  The interest rate for deposits will be 2.09% while the interest rate for overbillings will be 3.21%.