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Rep. Turner Seeks Advanced Metering Delay

In a letter dated November 2, 2007 (but filed in Central Records today), Rep. Turner states:

“In an effort to ensure that the legislators are fully educated and informed about the implementation of metering rules I have asked Chairman King to convene a Regulated Industries Committee emergency hearing within the next few weeks. I an requesting from you a delay in any further consideration of the rules related to advanced metering until this process is completed.”

Patricia Dolese
Regulatory Compliance Services
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Chairman Smitherman it is…

see the following for the Governor’s official press release…

Project 34610 Implementation Meetings



Meetings have been scheduled for interested parties in Project Number 34610, Implementation Project Relating to Advanced Metering.  The first meetings are scheduled for Wednesday & Thursday, November 28-29, 2007.  The second meetings are scheduled for Tuesday & Wednesday, December 11-12, 2007.  Meeting locations will be provided when finalized.
A meeting agenda will be filed with Central Records under Project Number 34610, five days prior to the meetings.
Questions concerning this notice should be referred to Christine Wright, Retail Markets, Competitive Markets Division at (512) 936-7376, or

Change to the Chair of the PUCT?

Rumors are swirling this morning that Chairman Paul Hudson has submitted a letter to Governor Perry indicating he would resign as chair.  Sources familiar with protocol at the Governor’s mansion suggest that the Governor is asking the chairs of several agencies to do this to enable him to pick another chair.  Rumor on the street is that Com. Smitherman will take over as the Chair.  Hudson is expected to remain as a Commissioner. 

Former Commissioners Letter to Policymakers

Below is a very positive letter supporting competitive energy markets signed by 35 prior commissioners from various states.

PUCT Initiates Formal Investigation of Luminant

The PUCT staff opened docket 34996, yesterday.  The docket is captioned PUCT’s Staff’s Petition for Formal Investigation of Possible Violations by Luminant Energy Company LLC of PURA 35.004, 39.001, 39.151, and PUCT Substantive Rule 25.503.
Staff moves the Commission to commence a formal investigation of Luminant Energy Company LLC’ (Luminant or the Company), which is a qualified scheduling entity and power marketer? The matters to be investigated in this docket are whether the Company submitted false resource plan information to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) on or about October 31, 2006, and whether the Company’s
conduct, including its responses to Staffs inquiries, violated the Public Utility Regulatory Act Sections 35.004, 39.001, 39.101 and 39.1510) and P.U.C. SUBST. R. 25.503 (f)(2), 25.503 (f)( 5), 25.503 (f)( 6), 25.503 (f)(8), 25.503 (f)(9), 25.503 (g) and 25.503(l). Staff has been informally investigating these issues and has asked the Company to respond to requests for information (RFIs). The Company has provided
Staff with some documents responsive to its RFIs but has withheld other documents, claiming they are protected by attorney work product and attorney-client privileges.  Staff moves to institute a formal investigation so that a presiding officer will be assigned to rule on the Company’s claims of privilege and so that Staff may conduct additional discovery as needed to investigate the matters identified herein.
Apparently, the Commission staff is tired of Luminant raising confidentiality issues which has the effect of thwarting the Commission’s investigation.