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SB483 Passed on Friday…

Tweaked House Bill Limits TXU’s Share for 18 Months: Measure Capping Power Firms at 40% of Market OK’D, May Affect Buyout
The Texas House tweaked and stretched electricity legislation on Friday, making a bill originally meant to shrink the state’s largest power generators more workable for those companies.
Apr 28 – The Dallas Morning News
Texas House of Representatives Again Adopts Legislation to Encourage New Renewable Energy Development
The Texas House of Representatives today adopted legislation for the second time in 15 days that would ensure the development of 500 megawatts of “non-wind” renewable energy by 2015. Non-wind renewable energy sources include biomass, geothermal and hydropower, for example.
AUSTIN, Texas, April 27, 2007 /PRNewswire-USNewswire

News Stories

By ELIZABETH SOUDER, Dallas Morning News, 04/26/07
As politics delayed a House vote on legislation meant to force the state’s largest power generation companies to shrink, the investors that wish to buy TXU Corp. said they still expect their deal to close.
TXU could hold onto big electric generators in areas of Texas where the company has been accused of using its market dominance to unfairly jack up profits, under legislation pending later this week in the Texas House of Representatives.
FPL Energy, the nation’s largest producer of wind-generated electricity, has told the Public Utility Commission of Texas that TXU Corp. intentionally flooded West Texas transmission lines with its own higher-cost power to prevent FPL’s wind power from reaching customers across the state.


TXU in the news, again

Apr 25, 2007 Knight Ridder Tribune Business News

FPL Energy, the nation’s largest producer of wind-generated electricity, has told the Public Utility Commission of Texas that TXU Corp. intentionally flooded West Texas transmission lines with its own higher-cost power to prevent FPL’s wind power from reaching customers across the state. In a letter recently sent to the PUC’s director of electric-industry oversight, FPL attorney David …


Oncor Electric Delivery Company (Oncor), formerly named TXU Electric Delivery Company, and Texas Energy Future Holdings Limited Partnership (TEF) — the holding company formed by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), Texas Pacific Group (TPG) and other investors to acquire TXU Corp., the parent of Oncor — today filed a voluntarily expedited Joint Report and Application with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC).  See the filing

Fort Worth Star Telegram Sunday Insert

In addition to the previous posting, the Star Telegram ran a Sunday insert that had several other stories related to Electric choice.
By Teresa McUsic, Special to the Star-Telegram

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The energy monitor, about the size of a caller-ID unit, displays daily energy use in kilowatt-hours and dollars. A little box being tested in pilot programs across the state could start to have a big impact on homeowner energy bills later this year.

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Question. I think my electric bill is too high, and I’d like to switch providers. What do I do?
Answer. The most convenient place to start is the Internet at

The best story on choice I have seen in a while…

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I don’t recall making the conscious choice to stick with TXU as my electricity provider when I became a homeowner two years ago. What I remember is simply calling TXU and asking them to turn on the lights in my new home.

Price Reductions Coming

TXU Energy Lowers Prices Across Texas
TXU Energy, the competitive retail electric subsidiary of TXU Corp., today announced significant price cuts for its popular month-to-month TXU Energy Freedom Plan(SM) for residential customers outside its traditional North Texas service territory. The decreases will take effect on bills beginning May 1.
DALLAS, April 23, 2007 /PRNewswire

More TXU News

BY R.A. DYER, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 04/19/07
TXU submitted false information to operators of the Texas power grid and engaged in “a pattern of market manipulation” in an attempt to improperly drive up revenues, according to allegations by two former power traders for the North Texas utility.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 04/18/07
TXU Corp. said Wednesday that it will proceed with its planned merger with an investor group, after a deadline passed Tuesday and no potential “superior” bid emerged.

Prepaid Public Hearing, Pt. 2

Part 2 of the Prepaid Hearing in docket 33814 will continue today at the PUCT offices at 1 p.m.  The public hearing is part of the rulemaking process in this docket.  Consumer groups are expected to present testimony from ACORN members today.  The public hearing is being broadcast online by Texas Admin.  PUCT Staff is expected to draft the final rule for Commissioner consideration during a May open meeting.

News Clips

Reliant Energy announced today it is lowering its price for Residential Service Plan customers by 10 percent and is offering residential households in the Houston area a new 100 percent wind power product at the same low price.

Reliant to cut rates for some customers, Thousands to see 10% drop in electricity bills

By PURVA PATEL, April 17, 2007, 1:17AM, Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

Some Reliant Energy customers will see their electricity rates drop 10 percent in May, the company said Monday.


TXU doesn’t get second offer, As deadline passes, buyout group edges closer to owning utility

12:00 AM CDT on Tuesday, April 17, 2007, ELIZABETH SOUDER / The Dallas Morning News

The deadline for TXU Corp. to find a better offer for the company came and went Monday without a second bid.



Lots of News…

Apr 12, 2007 Interest!ALERT
TXU Energy is pleased to announce that in an effort to aid those most in need throughout 2007, TXU Energy will contribute $5 million, in addition to donations from customers and employees, to help local residents with bill payment assistance. ‘Hardships like a job loss, medical illness, or death in the family can create unexpected financial difficulties for anyone.
A non-profit organization of Texas cities which negotiates cheaper electricity rates for municipal usage praised last night’s vote by members of the Texas House Committee on Urban Affairs that could eventually enable them to do the same for their residents.
11:42 PM CDT on Thursday, April 12, 2007
By ELIZABETH SOUDER / The Dallas Morning News 

AUSTIN – The Texas House approved legislation late Thursday designed to cut electricity prices and to require future sales of power line companies to be approved by state regulators. Lawmakers also decided not to make regulators approve TXU buyout.
AP, Austin American-Statesman, 04/13/07
The Texas House voted Thursday to cut electric rates 15 percent for some residential customers paying the highest prices and to give state regulators the power to reject future sales of some electric utilities.
AUSTIN — North Texans could see electric rate reductions of 10 percent to 23 percent, and low-income residents even steeper cuts, under legislation adopted Thursday night in the state House of Representatives, according to the bill’s House sponsor.
By Virginia DuPuy, Waco Tribune-Herald, 04/13/07
Earlier this year, Waco and surrounding areas faced a future that included 11 new coal-fueled plants built by TXU — a situation with long-term implications for our quality of life and economic development.
The controversial proposed $45 billion buyout deal of TXU by private equity firms would not become subject to up-or-down regulatory approval under legislation debated Thursday in the Texas House.
A legal threat from TXU that could have led to “damages … measured in terms of billions of dollars” appeared to have scuttled a company’s plans to make a bid on the North Texas utility’s transmission system, according to correspondence obtained Wednesday by the Star-Telegram.
By Amy Smith, Austin Chronicle, 04/13/07
At a time when major energy bills are at a critical make-or-break stage of the legislative process, the “new” TXU had hoped by now to be basking in the glow of a successful image-building ad campaign.