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2005 Year End Scorecard Now Available!

Regulatory Compliance Services announces that the 2005 Year End Scorecard is now available! The 2005 Scorecard summarizes PUCT electric complaint activity for calendar year 2005.

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Staff Proposes Changes to PTB Rule

The Commission will also consider staff recommendations to Substantive Rule 25.41 at its Feb. 23rd meeting. The proposal for publication establishes a mechanism to adjust the PTB rate to ensure that it is a market rate before the end of the PTB period. The rule defines “default customers.” Further, the rule states that “a customer who is served at a rate other than the price to beat by the affiliated REP, but who has not made an affirmative choice to leave price to beat service. is still a price to beat customer and will be classified as a default service customer at the expiration of the price to beat period.”

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What will the PUCT Do?

The PUCT is scheduled to discuss docket 31416 at this week’s open meeting. Staff has proposed rules for publication that establish a mechanism for pricing POLR service that appears will be the “default” rate for market purposes.

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