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Regulatory Compliance Services has now taken its training presentations online.  Each online course is comprised of a presentation that includes embedded videos of Ms. Dolese explaining each topic.  Online training is a great alternative to having Ms. Dolese come on-site repeatedly to train your staff and allows companies to provide regular training on these topics to new employees and vendors. 

Click on the image below to see a sample video...


Online Training is available for the following topics in the Texas Electric Market:


Prepay Electricity:  The New 25.498


Critical Care, Summer Protections, Switch-holds and Other Changes (changes to 25.454, 25.480, 25.482, 25.483 and 25.497)


Selling Electricity in Texas via Telesales


Selling Electricity in Texas via Door to Door Sales


Customer Protection Rules of the Road:  A Two Part Overview of the Rules You Need to Know

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Upon ordering, you will receive an email with login credentials for each registered student.  Once each registered student has completed a class, they will not be able to view that class again.  Also, each registered student has 30 days to complete a class from the time they have been provided login credentials.  Each registered student is able to personalize their user-id and password once they have initially logged-in. 

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Available Online Training Sessions

Price (per student)


Low-Income Rule Changes


Selling Electricity Door to Door


Customer Protection Rules, Part 1


Customer Protection Rules, Part 2


Customer Protection Rules, Parts 1&2


Critical Care, Summer Protections, Switch-holds and Other Changes


Prepay Electricity - The New 25.498


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